Five Best Handguns for Hunting

Most people think that handguns are not suited for hunting large game. However, ever since firearms were invented people carried handguns to hunt. Handguns were actually convenient for hunting. They allowed shooters to hunt down games using one hand while steering their horses with the other. In fact US Army Colts were even used to bring down buffaloes on the Great Plains. Nowadays there is a lot of options for hunters when it comes to choosing a handgun. Even though there is range of scopes that fit modern day handguns there is a trend among hunters to use standard iron sight to test their shooting skills. From large calibers to monster calibers, let’s take a look at some of the best handguns for hunting. We’ll go over the five best handguns for hunting and the best handgun ammo to use, like 357 Magnum ammo.

Smith & Wesson 386XL Hunter

There is no way we can end an article about handguns without mentioning a Smith & Wesson. The 386XL is one of the newer models and fires the 357 Magnum ammo, as well as .38 Special rounds. This particular model has a rubberized grip which makes it easier to hold and control. Perfect for bringing down boars and medium sized deer, the highlight of the 386XL is its reliability and ease of use.

Taurus Raging Bull

Priced lower than the Smith & Wesson, the Taurus Raging Bull fires the devastating .454 Casull rounds. It also has some very nice features such as cushioned grip for reducing recoil, ported barrel for reducing muzzle jumps, and a key operated safety system that prevents unauthorized use. If you want to use the Casull rounds its best to go for 8 inch barrel length to maintain accuracy.

Desert Eagle

The most famous ‘hand cannon’ in the world, the Israeli made Desert Eagle is a great option if you want to take a break from revolvers. Available in two barrel length of 6 and 10 inches, the weapon fires .50 AE, .44 Magnum, and .357 Magnum ammo. If hunting for deer and boars, the .44 Magnum rounds does the job efficiently well as the .50 is definitely an overkill for medium sized game. Thanks to its Picatinny rail, you can attach a wide range of scopes to this weapon and take down distant targets.

Ruger Super Redhawk

Barrel length does not always correspond to more power but it certainly helps when hunting. Firing the versatile .44 Magnum rounds, Ruger Super Redhawk is perfectly suited for hunting various game animals. The weapon has a stainless steel construction and features integral scope mounts which plays a vital role in reducing the recoil.

Overall the weapon is value for money and is suited for everything that the wilderness can throw at us.